Facebook Messenger Platform Apps for Android and iOS Mobile

Facebook Messenger is now supported third-party apps in android app. Now you can do more with this amazing Facebook messenger from third-party apps. Facebook messenger has more than 600 Million active users.  Facebook messenger is already giving lots of services comparing other messaging apps.

Recently Facebook release Facebook Messenger Platform for developers. Now Other android app developers integrate their service in Facebook Messenger App. This features increase functionality of Facebook messenger.

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Facebook doesn’t want to add all that bloat directly into the app. That would slow it down, you know, like the Facebook app.

So they decided to be smart about this and capitalize on the developer community.

If you want more than regular chat with Facebook so download these apps and increase functionality of your Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Third Part Apps

Facebook Messenger Third Part Apps

You can also see of List of Third Party Apps in Android Mobile from Below Tutorial.

  • Open Your Facebook Messenger.
  • Open any Previous Chat and tap three dotted  button. (See the below picture)
    Facebook Messenger Third Part Apps Button

    Facebook Messenger Third Part Apps Button

Best Facebook Messenger Platform Android App

You found download link when you open click three dotted in Facebook Messemger App.

#1 Giphy

Giphy is Gif image app for android phone. With this android you can send gif(moving image) image in Facebook messenger. You need to only download Giphy Android app from Google Play Store and select any image in Giphy Android App. With this android app you can also upload your own gif image and send to your Facebook friends from Facebook messenger App.

Facebook Messenger Third Part Apps

Facebook Messenger Third Part Apps

#2 Sound Clips

Sound Clips Android App is made by Facebook. In this app you found lots of sound clips in many categories. You can send these sound clips to your Facebook Friend from Facebook messenger. This app adds some fun when you chat with your friends.

#3 Memes

Memes android is basically made for creating memes in android app. You can made your own pictures memes with this app in android mobile. With the Facebook messenger you can directly send Pictures Memes to any Facebook Friends.

#4 FliLip Voice Changer

FlipLip Voice Change change your recorded voice app into amazing apps. So with this android app you can change you recorded voice into amazing voice messages. Now you can send changed voice to your Facebook messenger Friends.

#5 Fotor

Fotor is amazing android app for editing photos in android mobile as well as Desktop PC. With this android app you can edit your photos with many professional tools. Also See Best Tool for Edit Photos in iPhone, Android , Desktop and Web

Download these android app and do more with Facebook Chatting. Always try new thing in android mobile.

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