How to Remove Virus, Trojans and Adware from PC

remove virus and adware from windows pc

remove virus and adware from windows pc

Computer Virus is one of the most common problem in PC. Nowdays every third computer affected from virus. Virus commonly comes in your PC from Pendrives. Here in this post we give you best tutorials, How you remove virus from your computer.

Remove Virus from Computer

Always download trusted antivirus for your computer. Actually I am using Microsoft Security Essentials, So I recommend you to download Microsoft Security Essentials for your Windows 7 Computer. MSE is totally free, you don’t need to pay anything. If you want secure your computer and you are capable of something pay , download Kaspersky or Avira Antivirus Pro Version. These antivirus secure your computer from virus , network attacks and trojans.

Remove Adware from Computer

Adware is program that made by spammers and advertisers for showing unwanted ads in your system. Adware affects lots of pc users now those days. Adware slow down your computer speed and mess your browser. Adware directly affects your browser for showing spam ads.

  • When you browser internet and download suspicious file that contain adware. Adware infect your system with lots of ads. You can see lots of unwanted  ads in your chrome and Mozilla Browser, if your browser infect with adware.
  • So how you secure your computer from these adware.
  • When you attach new storage device to your computer, always scan with your antivirus.
  • Never download any malicious or suspected files from Internet.
  • Remove unusual Extensions and Add-ons from your Browser.
  • Many adware installed in your system, for removing that type of adware download Bitdefender Adware Removal tools. This software finds and remove installed adware in your pc.
  • Many times virus comes from your android phone , so always scan your android phone for virus.

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