Hack WiFi Network and Crack WiFi Password from Android Mobile in Just Two Minutes(Updated)

Like we always say that Android is not just a phone because it is much more than an average phone. Now here is another trick that you can do in your Android device. Nowadays we receive 10-20 messages on email daily about how I can hack Wi-Fi passwords from android mobile. It is possible or not. Now we are writing this post for my readers who daily read my blog, so we want to clear your doubts about Wi-Fi hacking from android mobile.  We will briefly describe to you how you hack Wi-Fi networks and crack the password of any Wi-Fi from android mobile.

Hack WiFi from Android Mobile

Hack WiFi from Android Mobile

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Things you need for Hacking Wi-Fi from Android Mobile

  • Android Phone with good Processor and RAM
  • Your Android Phone Must be Rooted (Rooting Guide and advantages of Rooting)
  • Good Wi-Fi network (which you want to hack)
There are many apps on Google Play for hacking WiFi from android mobile but, believe me, guys most of it is fake or pranks. 
Hack WiFi Network and Crack WiFi Password from Android Mobile in Just Two Minutes 

WPS Connect (Crack or Hack WiFi Password)

How many people will say that it is a fake app but guys it is not true because it is a working app for hacking Wi-Fi password from android phone. You can hack the Wi-Fi network with this app, which has WPS enabled in security.

WPS Connect for Crack WiFi Password from Android Mobile

WPS Connect for Crack WiFi Password from Android Mobile

If you found any Wi-Fi network in your Android mobile that shows WPS security. You can quickly connect with any WPS security Wi-Fi without being given any type of password. WPS Connect bypasses WPS security and gives you access to connect with Wi-Fi without typing any password.

Your Android requires Root 

With the help of this app, you can connect to Wi-Fi networks which have WPS protocol enabled. This feature is only available in version 4.1.2 of Android. Most importantly, this app is developed for educational purposes, so we are not responsible for any misuse.

WPS: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wi-Fi_Protected_Setup

WPS Connect is focused on verifying processes if your router is vulnerable to a default PIN. Many routers which are installed by companies have their own vulnerabilities. With this application, you can check if your router is vulnerable or not and act accordingly. It includes default PINs, as well as algorithms such as Zhao Chesung (ComputePIN) or Stefan Viehböck (easyboxPIN).

Download WPS Connect Android App

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WiFi Kill (Disable Other User WiFi Connection)

Wi-Fi Kill disables other Wi-Fi connections, and you can loot full Wi-Fi internet speed in your android mobile. If you experience slow Wi-Fi internet speed in your Android mobile because of too many users on the same Wi-Fi network. Download Wi-Fi kill and Kick-off another Wi-Fi user from your Wi-Fi network.

WiFi Kill

WiFi Kill

Download WiFi Kill Android App

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 zAnti (Penetration Testing Android App)

zANTI is also capable of hacking Wi-Fi network passwords from android mobile. This app is made for checking the security of your Wi-Fi network. With this app, you can disable other Wi-Fi connections like Wi-Fi kill. zANTI is like a mobile hacking toolkit for hackers. If you want a hacking android app that can hack another user Wi-Fi network and you can do everything you want.



You can hack various things with this app, and they are:

  • Change Google Result on whole Wi-Fi
  • Change Website Images on Whole Wi-Fi-
  • Check other user Mac address or IP address
  • Session Hijacking on Network
Downlaod ZAnti Android App

WIFI WPS WPA TESTER(Hack Wifi from android mobile without Rooting)

Hack WiFi Password from android mobile without rooting your Android phone with WiFi WPS WPA Tester App.

WPS Connect app hack only WPS routers with limited features. However, this is an advanced app for hacking wifi passwords from android mobile but make sure that your phone is rooted. You can check the wireless security of your routers from this Android app. If your router is not secured, then this wifi hacking android app easily bypasses wifi password from android mobile and connects with android mobile to router directly without any type of password. The algorithm of WPS default (zaochensung) SOME of the routers, you can receive the WPA WPA2 WEP set to the router.

WIFI WPS WPA TESTER WiFi Hacking Android App

WIFI WPS WPA TESTER WiFi Hacking Android App

This wifi hacking Android apps works in rooted and without rooted android mobile. So you can easily hack wifi passwords from your android phone without rooting your android phone with this app.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

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Note: Use these apps only for educational purpose. Never Harm other people or wifi network from this wifi hacking Android apps. 

If you have any doubt, comment below and surely we will try to help you. Share this post on Facebook and Twitter and let the world know about this amazing trick to hack wifi from android mobile.

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