Most Downloaded Android Apps on Google Play Store (Biilion+ Installs)

List of Most Downloaded android apps on Google Play. Here we collect android apps that hit the Google Play store with billions of downloads. If you don’t know what is most downloaded android apps on Google Play , read our article.

Most Downloaded Android App

Most Downloaded Android App

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Most Downloaded Android Apps on Google Play Store

1. Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp Messenger is an instant messaging application , with these app you can chat with your friends.

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2. Facebook

With this app you can manage your Facebook social life.

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facebook android app


3. Gmail

You can read your emails , with this Gmail android app.

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4. Google Search

Google search is most popular android app on google play. You can search anything from your voice with this app. This app also works like personal assistant in your android phone.

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Google Search

Google Search

5. Messenger

Messenger app, you can connect with your Facebook friends and chat directly without downloading Facebook app.

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

6. Google Plus

Google Plus is social network from Google. You can manage your Google profiles with this app.

Google Plus Android App

Google Plus Android App

7. Google Books

If you buy or read a book from Google Play store, you need to download this app. You can find lots of free ebooks, Magazines and lots of more with this app.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books

8. Google Maps

See this world and every inch of location with Google Maps android app.

Google Maps

Google Maps

9. YouTube

YouTube is platform for seeing trending videos, category videos and videos on any topic.

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Here we make only billions download apps list. If you know any app which I not mention here, please help us for making this article more knowledgeable. Comment your ideas in below box.

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