Turn Any Browser Window Into a Quick-Edit Notepad from Single line of Code

Turn Any Browser into a Quick Notepad

Turn Any Browser into a Quick Notepad

We all know Notepads are one of the best way for right anything in Desktop. But what do you do if you want quick notepad in PC Browser.

Here we share a two line simple code that works with every pc browser. All you need to do is simple copy and paste this code in your address bar. Press enter and you see your PC Browser turn into a quick notepad.

   data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

Like we said this works with all major browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera Mini etc. This is one of the most easy for turning your Chrome Browser(or any PC Browser) into a quick working Notepad.

All Major PC Browser

All Major PC Browser

Why it works in Modern PC Web Browser?

Author of Coderwall Jose Jesus Perez Aguinaga explained this trick very wisely, how this code turn our browser into a quick notepad.

You don’t need to remember it. It’s not rocket science. We are using the Data URI’s format and telling the browser to render an html (try “javascript:alert(‘Bazinga’);”). The content of said html is a simple html line with the html5 attribute content editable. This works only on modern browsers that understand this attribute.

source: Coderwall.com

You can also turn your Chrome Browser into a notepad from amazing chrome extensions. Download Memo Notepad from chrome Store.

Memo Notepad
Memo Notepad
Developer: memonotepad.com
Price: Free
  • Memo Notepad Screenshot

You can also try Online Notepad from this website. anotepad.com


Download Notepad++ Software for your Window PC. This is one of the best notepad editor that comes with lots of features .

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