Top 5 Future Tech Gadgets You can Buy for your Laptop in 2016

Ready to know future gadgets for your laptop in 2016. These Gadgets make your laptop awesome and make you more professional. Here we collect some gadgets that work with your Laptop.

It doesn’t matter if you have Window or Mac, these all future tech gadgets works in your notebook. You can also buy these devices from an online store and be a smart user.

Future Gadgets for Your Laptop

Future Gadgets for Your Laptop

Top 5 Future Tech Gadgets You can Buy for your Laptop in 2016

1. Air Bar – Convert Any Window or Mac PC into Touch PC

Airbar converts your regular laptop into touch PC. This is amazing tech that works on Window and Mac. Just plug it and you can control all computer functions like touch computer.

Convert Any Laptop into Touchscreen Laptop

Convert Any Laptop into Touchscreen Laptop Official Website

2. Slidenjoy – Add Triple or Dual External Monitor in your Laptop

Slidenjoy adds external monitor in your notebook. This screen is portable, easy to installation and lightweight. These external monitors are very helpful in multitasking in the laptop.

Triple Screen Laptop

Triple Screen Laptop Official Website

3. Zcan – Scan Images and Text from Wireless Mouse

Zcan is a wireless mouse that can scan any images and text in HD format.

Scan Documents from Wireless Mouse

Scan Documents from Wireless Mouse

Zcan Official Website

4. Aegis Secure Key – Password Protect Pendrive from Direct Pin

Secure your pen drive from entering the pin. You don’t need to download software, just enter a pin, and your pen drive unlock, and you can access your data. This is one of the best solutions for those who always worried about security in pen drive.

Amazing Things You Can with Your USB Pendrives

Pendrive with Password Pin

Aegis Secure Key – USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Apricorn Key Official Website

5. Celluon Ultra-Portable Full-Size Virtual Laser Keyboard

Cellulan is laser keyboard that works in all laptop. This looks like movie tech but this is real and work very fine and accurate.

Laser Keyboard

Laser Keyboard Official Website

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