How Hackers Hack Whatsapp Account from 6 Ways and How you Protect

Whatsapp Messenger is one of the most popular mobile messaging application for a smartphone right now. Daily million of users use this app for sending and receiving messages. This is the favorite target for hackers. Any hacker with good knowledge easily hacks your WhatsApp account.

A hacker is your friend or your family member. In this post, I tell you how hackers hack WhatsApp account and how you protect your WhatsApp account from hackers.


Monitor Whatsapp Android App

Hacked Whatsapp Android App

How Hackers Hack Whatsapp Account and How you Protect your Whatsapp from Hackers

1.Hack Whatsapp Account from Confirming OTP SMS

Like you all know Without confirming Whatsapp Number through OTP SMS, we can’t use Whatsapp Messenger in our android phone. In this situation, a hacker just needs to access your SMS messages from spyware apps.

Whatsapp confirm through sms

Whatsapp confirm through SMS

How Can you Protect yourself from Whatsapp SMS Hack

  • Always install the good antivirus in your mobile phone.
  • Lock your phone from PIN or Pattern lock.
  • Turn off notifications for SMS in your lock screen.
  • Use Applock in your SMS app.


2. From Whatsapp Call 

If somehow above method does not work, hacker tries the second option, confirm WhatsApp account from Whatsapp call. Hacker just needs your phone for 15 seconds. If a hacker is your friend or enemy, he can do this task very easily.

Whatsapp confirm from call

Whatsapp confirm from call

How Can you Protect yourself from Whatsapp Hack

  • Install Incoming Call Lock in your phone. This app enables a lock in your incoming calls, so one receives your personal call without the lock.


3.  Monitor and Spy Apps

The Internet is full of Spy and Parental android apps. If your friend or your family members install these type of android apps in your phone. They can easily read your Whatsapp messages from anywhere.

Monitor Whatsapp Android App

Monitor Whatsapp Android App

How to Protect yourself from Whatsapp Monitor and Spy Apps

  • Check your android Phone for suspicious and unknown android apps.
  • If you are a rooted user, you can use permission manager apps in your phone.

4. Extract your Whatsapp Messages

Extracting Whatsapp Messages from msgstore.db file is not possible nowadays. But here we have other tricks for getting All WhatsApp messages of Victim. Hacker make backup of your all chat messages and send email to his id in text format. Hacker read your WhatsApp chat messages in seconds.
They just need to download whatsappchatbackup.txt file in the computer.
Email Backup in Whatsapp Messenger

Email Backup in Whatsapp Messenger

Email Backup in Whatsapp Messenger

Email Backup in Whatsapp Messenger

Secure yourself from this Attack

  • Check your mail, if someone sending unknown messages using your email id.
  • Use app lock in your WhatsApp and mail app.
  • Lock your phone from pattern lock.

5. Controlling your Phone

Mirror your android phone is so simple, if a hacker knows the right app and right method they control your whole phone from anywhere.

Teamviewer Quick Support and Airdroid software stream your whole android phone screen to other computer and phone. Hacker access your whole phone or WhatsApp messenger from these apps.

How to Control Your Android Device from Your Computer

How to Control Your Android Device from Your Computer

How to Protect yourself from this Whatsapp Hack
  • Enable pattern lock in your android phone.
  • Look for suspicious app in your android phone.

6. Using Whatsapp The Web

Whatsapp web is new WhatsApp feature, with this service you can read and send your WhatsApp messages from any computer. But first you need to scan QR code from your android mobile. If the hacker is your friend or your Colleague, he can easily access your mobile and connect your WhatsApp messenger to the WhatsApp web. Now they can easily send and read your Whatsapp messages if they are on the same network.

How to Protect your self from this Whatsapp Hacked

  • Check your Whatsapp Web Log from your phone. If someone uses your Whatsapp from WhatsApp web, you can see it here like below picture.
Whatsapp Web Logs

Whatsapp Web Logs


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