20 Must Have PHP Cheat Sheet for Every Developers

PHP Cheat sheets are wonderful resources for developers. They make it easy to find the correct syntax, command, or keyboard shortcut that you often forget. No matter how good a programmer you are, you can`t memorize everything. 

PHP Cheatsheet

PHP Cheatsheet

20 Must Have PHP Cheat Sheet for Every Developers

  • PHP Cheat Sheet by Dave Child [www, png, pdf]
  • PHPUnit Cheat Sheet [www, PNG, PDF, SlideShare]
  • Printable PHP security checklist by sk89q [www, pdf]
  • Quick Reference Chart [www, pdf]
  • PHP Reference Sheet Basics by Programming and web development community [www, pdf]
  • PHP Cheat Sheet with special PHP syntax [www, html]
  • PHP 4 Quick Reference Card by Steven R. Gould [www, pdf, ps, tex]
  • PHP cheat sheet  by Daniel Dev [pdf, png]
  • PHP Cheat Sheet with special PHP syntax [ html]
  • Smarty cheat sheet for template designers [pdf, gif]
  • Apple’s PHP Cheat Sheet [www, html.zip]
  • Getting Started with Integrating PHP and Flex by Marco Tabini [pdf]
  • Adobe® ColdFusion Web Services for PHP Programmers by Marco Tabini [pdf]
  • PHPUnit: PHP Test-Driven Development Automated Tools to Improve Your PHP Code Quality by Giorgio Sironi [pdf]
  • Live Cheatsheet from from OverAPI [Website]
  • Quick Reference PHP Cheatsheet [pdf]
  • WordPress PHP Cheatsheet [jpg]
  • PHP Cheatsheets [Website]
  • PHP Help Cheatsheets [Website]

Learn PHP App for Android Mobile

Learn PHP
Learn PHP
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  • Learn PHP Screenshot
  • Learn PHP Screenshot

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Chrome Extension for your PC

All Cheat Sheets
All Cheat Sheets
Developer: overapi.com
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  • All Cheat Sheets Screenshot

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