Our List of the Best Essential 100+ Best Window Software and Programs for 2016

Window PC has many incredible programs than we think, here I make a list of the best essential programs for your Window PC. With these programs, you can increase the productivity of your work at your Computer.

100+ Best Window Software and Programs for 2016

100+ Best Window Software and Programs for 2016

Our List of the Best Essential 100+ Best Window Software and Programs for 2016

1. Chrome Browser

One of the best web browser for Window PC. Comes with lots of features and  100k+ extensions.

Chrome Task Manger

Chrome Task Manger

Download Chrome Browser

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2. Microsoft Security Essentials

Free security tool by Microsoft for securing your Computer from Virus and Trojans.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials

Download Microsoft Security Essentials
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3. AVG Security Antivirus

All in one security pack for your Window PC. Secure your Window PC from all side. This is one of the best antivirus for any Window PC.

Download AVG Security Antivirus
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4. Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is a tool for increasing download speeds in Window PC by up to 5 times, and for resuming, scheduling, and organizing downloads. The program will resume unfinished downloads due to network problems, or unexpected power outages.



Download Internet Download Manager
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5. VLC Media Player

Play every type of format movies in your PC and also play online movies.

Vlc Media Player

Vlc Media Player

Download VLC Media Player
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6. PowerIso

For opening ISO files in Window Computer. You can also convert your computer files to iso format with this software. You can also make bootable window setup pendrive from this Software.

Download Power ISO

7. Winrar

Open all type of Compressed files in your Window PC from this utility. You can also compressed your files in Zip or RAR format from this software.

Download Winar

8. Rainmeter

Rainmtere is a desktop Customization Utility that customize your desktop like a pro user and give you lots of tools in your dekstop screen.





Download Rainmeter
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9. Recuva

Recover your deleted files in your Window Computer from this software. Recuva recover every type of files from your Computer.

Recovered Deleted Android Mobile Pictures from Recuva

Recovered Deleted Android Mobile Pictures from Recuva

Download Recuva
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10. ShareIt

Share files between two laptop wirelessly with this Software. Shareit is popular android app but this company also make software for Window PC users. You can also transfer files between your Computer and mobile with this software.

Scan for Other PC in Shareit Software

Scan for Other PC in Shareit Software

Download Shareit
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11. Notepad++

Notepad++ replace Notepad.exe in your Computer. This program comes with lots of features, so use it wisely in your Computer. If you are a web developer, programmer then this is good tool for writing your codes in Computer.

Download Notepad++

12. Adobe Reader

Open PDF Files in your Computer, so you can easily read your documents.

Download Adobe Reader

13. Sumatra PDF

Sumatra is a free program for window pc. Size of this software is very small. Sumatra also opens PDF file in your computer but this is not yet. Sumatra also opens eBook (ePub, Mobi), XPS, DjVu, CHM, Comic Book (CBZ and CBR) format files in your computer.

Sumatra PDF Reader

Sumatra PDF Reader

Download Adobe Reader
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14. Xnconvert

Convert your HD Photos format to another format. You can easily convert your all PNG photos to JPG photos in bulk with this software.

XnConvert Remove File Properties in Windows

XnConvert Remove File Properties in Windows

Download Xnconvert
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15. Photoscape Photo Editor

PhotoScape is a fun and easy photo editing software that enables you to fix and enhance photos. You get 10+ type of tools in this software for editing and making your photos like a pro.

Download Photoscape

16. Photoshop

We all know what Photoshop can do with the photos. No one beats Photoshop software in photo editing. If you really wanna edit photos like a pro then download this software immediately in your Window Computer.

Download Photoshop Software

17. CCleaner 

Increase the system performance of your Computer from downloading this program in your Computer. CCleaner unusual files, temporary files, duplicate and lots of more from your computer for increasing your Computer speed.Disable Startup Programs in CCleaner

Download CCleaner
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18. Autodesk Pixlr

Free but useful tool by Autodesk Company. You don’t belive I made all of my blog featured image from this software. This is really useful tool if you want simple photo editing tool for your computer.

Autodesk Pixlr Edit Photos Like a Pro

Autodesk Pixlr Edit Photos Like a Pro

Download Autodesk Pixlr

19. Picasa

Generally I use Picasa in Window PC for photo viewing. But this is one of the best tool for organizing your photos.

Download Picasa Photo Editor

20. Minishare

Share your Computer files in LAN with this software. You just need to share your Computer IP for sharing files between two computer in LAN.



Download Minishare
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21. Yumi – Multiboot USB Creator

Yumi is a multiboot USB creator software for windows. Yumi can create live bootable pendrive of linux os from iso file.

Download Yumi Multibbot USB Creator

22. Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

Official tool from Microsoft create a copy of your Windows 7/8 ISO file on a USB flash drive or a DVD. To create a bootable DVD or USB flash drive, download the ISO file and then run the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool in your PC.

Download Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

23. Vmware Workstation

Vmware Workstation virually run any OS (Windows and Linux) in your PC. It’s like running a PC on your PC.

Download Vmware Workstation

24. Virtualbox

This sofwtare also runs linux and windows os in your PC. But this is a free software and comes with many advanced settings.

Download Virtualbox

25. Premiere Pro

Professional Video Editing Software for Window PC. You can edit, cut, trim and add effects in your video from this video editing software. Actually I made lots of video from this software. Checkout my Youtube Channel.-  Prophet Hacker Youtube Channel

Download Adobe Premiere Pro

26. After Effects

Create amazing motion graphics and visual effects for your video from this software. This software needs high-end pc for working. With the help of After Effects you can create motion graphics for movie, film and youtube channel.

Download Adobe Effects

27. Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Veags Pro is also a good professional video editing software for windows. Download Sony vegas intro template from internet and you can easily create intro part of your videos. Sony Vegas is a good alternative of After Effects for creating Intro Videos.

Download Sony Vegas Pro

28. VideoMakerFx

You can create Awesome Videos in minute like a professional video editor from this video editor in Windows. For more see this video and know how this software works in your PC.

Download Videomaker Fx

29. Aimersoft Video Converter

Convert your Video Format to any other format from this Video Converter in your PC.

Download Aimersoft Video Converter

30. Camtasia

Camtasia is best screen recorder tool for windows pc. You can record window screen for video tutorials. This is also a good video editor for PC.

Download Camtasia

31. Thunderbird

Email Client for your Window PC. Read your emails offline with this client in your PC.

Download Thunderbird

32. Konboot

If you forget your Window PC then recover Window PC Password from this utility.

Download Konboot

33. Metasploit

Metasploit is a penetration testing toolkit for Window PC users. Metasploit identify security loopholes in your network. This is a professional tool for security analyst.

Download Metasploit for Window

34. Process Explorer

Process Explorer shows you list of currently active processes in your PC.

Download Process Explorer

35. DNS Jumper

Change your Computer DNS from this program. Changing computer DNS increase your computer internet speed.

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Download DNS Jumper

36. TCPView

TCPView is a Windows program that will show you detailed listings of all TCP and UDP endpoints on your system, including the local and remote addresses and state of TCP connections.

Find Open TCP/UDP Ports

Find Open TCP/UDP Ports

Download TCPView for Windows

37. Utorrent

Download Torrents file in your Window PC from this torrent client.

Download Utorrent

38. Bittorrent

This is also a great torrent client for downloading torrents in PC.

Download Bittorrent

39. Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP scanner is a very fast IP address and port scanner. You can check how many users are currently active in your computer network from this software.

Download Angry IP Scanner

40. Netcut

Disable other user wifi connection on same wifi network from this program for only fun. Never misuse this software.

Download Netcut

41. Peerblock

PeerBlock lets you control who your computer “talks to” on the Internet. By selecting appropriate lists of “known bad” computers, you can block communication with advertising or spyware oriented servers, computers monitoring your p2p activities, computers which have been “hacked”, even entire countries! They can’t get in to your computer, and your computer won’t try to send them anything either.

Download Peerblock

42. Shaplus Bandwidth Meter

Measure your Internet data usage in your Computer with this Program.

ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter

ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter

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”] Download Shaplus Bandwidth Meter

43. Teamviewer

With Teamviewer you can control other Computer PC from your PC.



Download Teamviewer

44. Xampp

Many people know from their own experience that it’s not easy to install an Apache web server and it gets harder if you want to add MySQL, PHP and Perl. The goal of XAMPP is to build an easy to install distribution for developers to get into the world of Apache.

This is a must have tool for Web Developers for creating offline website on Computer.

Download Xampp

45. Filezilla

FileZilla helps you quickly move files between your computer and Web server.

Download Filezilla

46. Linux Live USB Creator

Create Live Bootable Pendrive of Linux OS from this software.

Download Linux Live USB Creator

47. MKVtoolnix

Edit .mkv files in your Computer. With this software you can edit dual audio movie files in your computer.

Download Mkvtoolnix

48. Ninite Pack

The fastest and easiest way for downloading windows program in your computer. If you recently install Window OS in your computer and you want good software for your pc. Ninite install all of the best software for your pc in one click.

Ninite Download All Windows Software in One Click

Ninite Download All Windows Software in One Click

Download Ninite
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49. Evernote

Evernote is the best place to collect inspirational ideas, write meaningful words and save your ideas in window pc.

Download Evernote

50. Pidgin

Pidgin is a universal chat client for Window PC.Pidgin is a chat program which lets you log in to accounts on multiple chat networks simultaneously. This means that you can be chatting with friends on MSN, talking to a friend on Google Talk, and sitting in a Yahoo chat room all at the same time.

Download Pidgin

51. Skype

Talk face to face with the help of Skype software.

Download Skype for Windows

52. Google Drive

Save your important files and photos in Google Cloud Drive. In free account you get 15GB space. Google Drive sync your all important stuff on Cloud drive, so you never loose your important stuff again.

Download Google Drive

53. Crashplan

Crashplan make backup of your computer in local computer HDD, If something goes wrong in your computer , you can revert it back with the help of crashplan.

Download Crashplan

54. iTunes

iTunes is media player for playing your audio files and music. You can also purchase music from this software.

Download iTunes

55. Bluestacks

Run Android Apps in your Window PC from Bluestacks Player.

Bluestacks Apps

Bluestacks Apps

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Download Bluestacks

56. Window Blinds

Window blinds is one of my favourite software in this list. With this software you can completely change the look and feel of Window PC.

Window Blinds for Windows

Window Blinds for Windows

Download Window Blinds

57. Speccy

Find what’s inside your computer with the help of  Speccy. Speccy tell you bit of info about your computer.

Download Speccy

58. MalwareBytes

Protect your computer from malware and other threats with the help of malwarebytes.

Download Malwarebytes

59. Unlocker

Download Undeletable Files in Window PC from Unlocker software.

Download Unlocker

60. Defraggler

Most defrag tools only allow you to defrag an entire drive. Defraggler lets you specify one or more files, folders, or the whole drive to defragment. When Defraggler reads or writes a file, it uses the exact same techniques that Windows uses. Using Defraggler is just as safe for your files as using Windows.

Defraggling in Window PC improve your system performance.

Download Defraggler

61. Windirstat

WinDirStat is a disk usage analyzer, designed to help you identify how much disk space you are using and what you are using it on.

Download Windirstat

62. Sandboxie

Sandboxie uses isolation technology to separate programs from your underlying operating system preventing unwanted changes from happening to your personal data, programs and applications that rest safely on your hard drive.

In Simply you can test unindetify software in your pc without harming your computer.

Download Sandboxie

63. Musicbee

Musicbee is a good music manager for your Window PC.

Download Musicbee

64. Andy Emulator

Andy Emulator run android apps in your PC and turn your android phone into joystick. So you can play android games with the help of your android mobile.

Download Andy

65. Eraser

Eraser software permanently delete your Window PC files, so on one can recover it from your computer with the help of recovery software.

Create Task in Eraser for Deleting File

Create Task in Eraser for Deleting File

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Download Eraser

66. mHotspot

Turn your laptop into WiFi Hotspot from mHotspot software.

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Download Musicbee

67. HJSplit

HJSplit software split and recombine your files. So you can easily send your big files into small part.

Download HJSplit

68. Zone Alarm

Zonealarm is a firewall security software for your window pc. It replaces your window pc firewall with custom zonealarm firewall.

Download Zone Alarm

69. Betternet

Betternet give you free internet privacy. Betternet is a free vpn for windows with no ads and integrations.

Download Betternet

70. Objectdock

Get Mac style dock for your windows, download this software in your pc and launch your favourite  programs in a new way.

Download Objectdock

71. Free Keylogger

Free Keylogger is an invisible keystroke logger that is designed for covert surveillance and PC activity monitoring. With this application installed , you will be able to track all of the activity on your system. It can intercept everything that is typed on a keyboard; this includes passwords, emails, chats, and documents. Free Keylogger can also monitor clipboard changes and all internet navigation too.

Download Free Keylogger

73. Kingo Android Root

Root your android mobile with the help of this software and unlock a new world of possibilties.

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Download Kingo android root

74. My Phone Explorer

MyPhoneExplorer is a phone management app that is quite useful if you need to explore your mobile device. With MyPhone Explorer you can make full use of the backup, explorer and personal information manager facilities. You can also control your android phone from this software.

Download My Phone Explorer


PPSSPP can run your PSP games on your PC in full HD resolution. It can even upscale textures to make the game play more realistic.

Download PPSSPP

76. Kodi – Home Theater Software

Kodi is one of the best way for organizing your media and files in your computer. It gives your computer a new look and feel.

Kodi Best Media Player for Windows

Kodi Best Media Player for Windows

Download Kodi
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Soon we updated this article to 100 programs.

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