10 Most Common Android Phone Problems and How to Fix Them

Android is one of the most popular mobile os for a smartphone. Millions of mobiles are running on Android OS.The reason for their increasing popularity is the unlimited options of applications that make communication easier for one and all and that also without any extra charges.But nothing is perfect, this OS also contains some problems just like any other mobile operating systems.

10 Most Common Android Problems and solutions

10 Most Common Android Problems and solutions

In this post, we talked about 10 most common android phone problems and how to fix them very easily.

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10 Most Common Android Phone Problems and How to Fix Them

1. Unlock Mobile Pattern Lock If you were forgotten

If you forget your Pattern lock in your android phone and don’t know what to do for resetting your android phone. Here is the guide for your phone with the below guide you can easily reset pattern lock of your android phone.

Pattern Lock in Android

Pattern Lock in Android

There are three ways for removing pattern lock of your android phone.

  • Factory Reset your android phone from bootloader settings.
  • From your Google Account id and password. Just Hit the Forget button and type your Google id and pass.
  • Remove Pattern lock from Command Prompt with Windows PC.
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2. Install Apk from Third Party

Like you know by default, Android doesn’t allow users to install third-party APK files or third party apps. But, this is possible to bypass this barrier by doing the following steps.



  • Open your Android Phone settings.
  • Go to Security find out Unknown Sources and make a tick next to this option.

3. Error While Downloading Apps from Google Play

Sometimes Google Play Store app show error when we try to download or update particular android apps from Google Play Store. Previously in this blog we write about this topic how to fix problems with Google Play Store. There are three solutions to this problem is :

Google Play Errors

Google Play Errors

1. Generally, solution of this problem is Clear your Google Play Store app cache and data from your android phone.

2.  Add a new Gmail account and try with that.

3. Get the APK file from the third party and try to install it.

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4. Battery Life issue

You can’t do anything if your mobile battery is draining very fastly. But, you can take some additional steps to save your battery.

Always charge your android phone with original charger, stop background process from Greenify app, uninstall useless apps, stop playing high-end games in mobile.

You can also buy a new android phone battery from Online Stores.

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5. Low Memory Space Issue

There is no app in the Google Play Store for increasing your mobile storage. But you can solve low memory issue by following below steps :

  • Use Duplicate Finder app in your Phone for find and delete duplicate files in android mobile
  • Delete blurred, black and useless photos from your android phone.
  • Delete useless files, videos, and Games from your phone.
  • Increase the SD card memory to get more space to gather your files.
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6. How to avoid Android overheating issues?

To fix Android heating problem, you need to:
• Stop playing video game
• Disable functions when you don’t need them.
• Dust off your smartphone.
• Simply turn off your phone when you are sleep

7. Problem – Your phone gets wet in the rain.

You should disassemble your phone taking out the cover, the battery, memory card and SIMs out of it. Place all of these components of your Android device in a big bowl of rice. The rice grains will naturally absorb all water and leave your phone dry in a few hours. You may assemble everything back and have your Android phone in working condition. If it doesn’t work, you’ll need to visit a service center.



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8. Unresponsive screen

Sometimes your phone’s screen may become unresponsive to any touch. This may occur if you have dropped your phone somewhere or if your phone gets splashed with water. Solution – Try restarting your Android phone. In case it doesn’t work, chances are that you have damaged your phone and it needs to be taken to the service center.

9. How to Fix Android file transfer is not working in PC

If your android mobile is not connected to your PC from USB cables follow below guides, you can learn how to fix this problem in your Windows PC and Mac.

Fix Android Mobile File Transfer to PC

Fix Android Mobile File Transfer to PC

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10. WiFi is not Connecting

Problem – Issue connecting to WiFi This can happen many times because of several different reasons. Solution – Ensure that you are entering the right password. Ensure that your phone is not in the Airplane mode.Delete the wifi profile from your android phone. Try restarting the WiFi router. Restart the phone and try again.

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