How to Solve the 7 most common Tech support problems yourself

We collected 7 most common tech problems in Window PC from unexpected blue screen death to slow running PC. Here we provide tips and tricks for your Window PC. How can you fix these problems without going anywhere?

How to Solve the 10 most common Tech support problems yourself

How to Solve the 10 most common Tech support problems yourself

How to Solve the 7 most common Tech support problems yourself

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1. Blue Screen or Unexpected Reboots in Window PC

If your computer has ever unexpectedly rebooted and turned blue, or shut down without warning and you don’t know what wrong with your computer.

A solution to this problem is very simple. Download WhoCrashed software free from its official websites and install in your Computer. This free software scans your computer to identify the problem, and it many suggests a solution.

When we see the blue screen in our Window PC, we think “There’s a problem with my computer.” But, according to WhoCrashed, the problem probably doesn’t have anything to do with your hardware.

It may be related to your device drivers. Or it may be a problem with pieces of coding called kernel modules.

Download WhoCrashed Software

2. Remove Startup Programs

Whenever you start your PC, you see lots of programs automatically launch on your PC. These programs slow down your PC and you don’t know how to remove these startup programs

Removing these startup programs is very simple, open Run Program and type msconfig.exe and disable startup items from your Computer.

Startup Programs

Startup Programs

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3. Pop-Up Ads, Adware, and my home page has changed

Many do not notice that they often accept a new toolbar when they download free programs such as Adobe Reader. For example, Adobe Reader now offers the Google Chrome internet browser as part of its download. Whilst Adobe and Google are reputable companies, other free downloads may install toolbars or other applications that can contain malicious code that hijacks your browser and changes all the settings. So your home page, for example, is changed to another website that you can’t then change back. At the same time, annoying pop-up messages with advertisements for products you’ve never asked for are constantly displayed on screen every time you try to browse the internet.
Tips: Read the conditions before downloading a new program and pay attention to what you allow. If damage is done, it can be difficult to remove the program. The best bet is to follow the instructions found when looking for information about the specific problem on Google. There are probably others who have had the same challenge and have described the solution on the internet. If you are not so technical, professional PC support may be the solution.

Download Adware removal Tool in your PC for removing adware from your PC. Disable suspected extensions from your Web Browser if you see unusual ads in your Web Browser.

Scan for Malware in your Computer

Scan for Malware in your Computer

Download Adware Removal Tool for PC from Bitdefender 

Download AntiMalware from Malwarebytes

4. Slow Downloads in PC

There is no hack to increase your internet speed from 100KBPS to 100MBPS.

Choose you ISP very wisely and make sure they give you promised internet speed in your PC. Make sure you disable your Computer updates, sometimes Window Update consumes lots of data in your PC.  Download  Follow below guide and know more about how to increase your internet and download speed on your PC.

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5. My Computer is Slow

If you think your computer is giving you slow performance there are lots of reasons. Make sure you use at least 8GB of RAM in your PC.Uninstall unused program from your PC. Disable all startup programs from your PC.

Always install verified program in your computer from its official website. Never install any suspected program because it contains the virus and it slows down your computer.

Check out below guides and know the best way to increase your computer performance.

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6. Deleted Recover Data from your Computer

Sometimes we accidentally delete our photos and important data files from your computer. Recover your deleted data in Window PC from Recuva free recovery software. Read the below for see steps by steps guide.

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7. Why Doesn’t my favorite Program Work on My New PC?

If you recently upgraded your computer, it’s possible that the old program is not compatible with the new operating system on your computer. If you’re using an old installation file, try searching for a new version online.

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