How to Unlock an Android Device with a Broken/Cracked Screen?

If you Android Phone screen is broken, you can’t do anything on your android mobile. Like you know touch screen is the only way to control your phone. In this post I show you, how can you make a backup of your data, when your android mobile touch screen is not working.

Are you ready to secure your data? Here we go.

How to Unlock an Android Device with a Broken/Cracked Screen?

How to Unlock an Android Device with a Broken/Cracked Screen?

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How to Unlock an Android Device with a Broken/Cracked Screen?

Method One: Using Android Debug Bridge

Android Debug Bridge is a command line tool, which lets you communicate with your phone through a computer. It’s commonly used by developers. You need a computer, micro USB cable and Android SDK to proceed with this. Most importantly, USB Debugging option on your phone should already be turned on. This method will not work with this option turned off.

Step 1 : At first, visit this link to download Android ADB files. Make sure to download the correct file that is compatible with your computer. Install Android ADB file on your computer.When you finish installation you see this screen on your computer.

Android ADB in Command Prompt

Android ADB in Command Prompt

Step 2 : Connect your Android device to the computer using a Micro USB cable.
Step 3 : Type the following command and press Enter. If your device gets detected, you will see some numbers on the command prompt window.

adb devices
Step 4: Again, enter the following two commands to the window. You have to type the second immediately after the first one. And, replace 6789 with the phone password (if you use password as a locking option).

adb shell input text 6789
shell input keyevent 66
If this process gets succeeded, your phone will be unlocked at once. Hurray! You can start taking backups now.

Method Two : Using a Mouse

Oops! What if the above method will not work for you? Or, what if USB Debugging on your phone is not turned on?

Then, you have only one option left. That’s to use a mouse. This method only works with the devices supporting USB OTG.

Step 1 : Plug in an OTG cable into the micro USB port on your device.

Step 2 : Insert a USB mouse into the other part of the cable. If your device supports USB OTG, you will surely see a mouse pointer on your phone screen.

Connect Mouse with Android Mobile

Connect Mouse with Android Mobile

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Method Three : Using HDMI Cable

Before trying this trick with your phone , make sure your phone has HDMI port. Check out the list of HDMI Supported Phones .

See this Video and Know how this trick works.


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