Follow 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Linux Online

Want to Learn Linux Course Online. YouTube is one of the best places to learn Linux online.

In this post we made a list of best Linux Channels and Playlists that we found on Youtube.

Follow all youtube channels and learn linux like a boss.

Follow 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Linux Online

Follow 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Linux Online

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Follow 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Linux Online

Youtube Channels and Learn Youtube Linux

1. Linux Tutorial Series by essay board

According to the playlist description, the Linux Tutorial Series playlist introduces you to the basics of using Linux with Ubuntu. The nine videos cover installing and upgrading Ubuntu, software management, permissions, files, directories, networking, and other introductory topics.

Linux Tutorial Series by essay board

2. Linux Fundamentals by danscourses

The Linux Fundamentals videos are a step up in quality from the previous playlist. Videos are broken down with beginner labels and by segment (Part 1, Part 2, …). These labels seem like common sense, but not every YouTube channel presents organized, clear titles and descriptions to help you understand the content.

You do not want to sit through a twenty minute video to see if it contains the topics of interest. The videos address varying topics on different distributions such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, CentOS, and Fedora.

3. Linux by Eli the Computer Guy

Eli the Computer Guy is a well known and successful video blogger. His blogging includes tutorials, opinion topics, and much more. His 9-part Linux video playlist presents an excellent introduction to using Linux operating systems. There’s nothing I can say to do the playlist justice. Watch and you will understand why.

Learn Linux

Learn Linux

4. Linux Tutorial for Beginners 

Thenewboston is one of the biggest channel on youtube for learning computer tutorials. Learn Linux from beginning from seeing this video playlist on youtube.

5. Linux Training by The Linux Foundation

The 14 videos on the Linux Training playlist describe a variety of topics, including VIM text editor, Linux virtualization, Kernel debugging, and using Git. The playlist only contains excerpts of videos.

6. Jupiter Broadcasting

Jupiter Broadcasting produced two very interesting and informative playlists for learning about Linux.

The Arch Challenge – As an Arch Linux user it warms my heart to see content about the distribution. The process involved in switching to and installing Arch Linux contains many learning opportunities.
How to Linux – This playlist goes into the process behind switching to Linux. This is a great starting point for beginners who want an introduction to Linux.

7. babarehner’s Playists on Ubuntu and VirtualBox

Mike Rehner (a.k.a. babarehner) created informative video tutorials for Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, VirtualBox, and other Linux related topics. Check out babarehner’s Linux playlist section to locate your preferred topic. Many of his tutorials involve using Linux tools on VirtualBox. VirtualBox is useful for testing out new operating systems and tools without performing a full installation.

8. quidsup on KDE, Ubuntu, and Bash Scripts

The quidsup channel’s playlists contain video tutorials on KDE, Ubuntu, Security, Bash scripts, hardware, Linux media players, Raspberry Pi and more Linux topics.

9. gotbletu

Please behold the largest playlist library of Linux learning videos from gotbletu ranging from working with the command-line interface and terminal games to sniffing data packets with Wireshark. The channel covers numerous Linux distributions and tools, including KDE, LXDE, Arch Linux, Ubuntu and Unity desktop, Cinnamon, Gnome, and the VIM text editor.

10. Linux Scoop

This channel provide video about linux distribution and free open source software (FOSS).

More Channels

Riba Linux


Joe Collins

Kali Linux Hacking Tutorials

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