Which are the Best Programming Languages for Getting a Job?

Software development is the fastest growing and changing field. There are lots of programming languages available in the market. Technologies are changing very. It is important to identify the ones which you can pick up so as to help you secure a great job in the future. Competition is tough when it comes to choosing that which programming language is easy to adopt and have a variety of features.

In this blog post, we will try to identify some key domains of Software Development which if you can excel – you are guaranteed to get a good paying job.

Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?

Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?

First, we will discuss the various Programming languages. Here are a few examples of programming languages which are very popular and businesses relying on these right now.

Programming Languages

Programming languages are the basic pillar of any software development. Choosing the right programming language will decide that how your software works. You should learn and been updated with the languages that are hot in the market so as to make yourself more relevant to potential employers. It also makes sense to focus on top programming languages of the future if you intend to look for a developer job in near future. Here are some of the programming languages that are trending in the market currently and would stay relevant for sure, in near future also.

  • Python: Python is growing rapidly. Python is the most user-friendly and easy to code. Python programming language is similar to Java. Its syntax is clear and almost like simple English. A large number of new startups and even large organizations are using Python as the primary backend programming language.
Django is a free and open source web application framework written in Python.

Django is a free and open source web application framework written in Python.

Django framework is written in Java and open-source framework which you can use in backend development. Python is used by Google, Reddit, and even NASA also. You should definitely pick up Python to stay relevant in the industry since it is believed to be the language of the future. Python developers are getting paid quite well since there is a huge industry requirement.The key reason for choosing Python include its speed of development, the speed of execution and the vast library support for all sorts of integrations.

  • JAVA: Java is an object-oriented programming language. It is 20 years old and used by millions of developers and billions of devices are working on it. Java is a machine independent language and it is run on any device and Operation systems through Java Virtual Machine. Learning java is the best option as so many popular applications are working on it like Amazon, Netflix, and LinkedIn which are popular.


  • C/C++: C and C++ combination has been heavily used in various High-frequency trading firms. Both of them are excellent for developing performance critical, low latency system which forms the core of any algorithmic trading firm. The salaries are quite high – generally higher than those of engineers in software firms. At the same time, the skill level required is also higher. You are expected to know the programming language thoroughly. You are also expected to know the concepts of Object Oriented Programming in and out. Microsoft and Apple both rely on C and C++.



  • C#: C# is pronounced as “C sharp”. This is developed by Microsoft in the year 2000. It is a general purpose; object-oriented programming language which is built on the foundations of C. If anyone wants to make a career in VR development then they should go with learning C#. C# is the most popular, which produces most of the top games in the market.


  • JavaScript: When we are talking about the programming language, we can’t forget to talk about the JavaScript. JavaScript is used by almost 80% of developers and by 95% of websites for dynamic logic on the page. If you are looking to work in the creative environment and you want to add user experience, then you should go with JavaScript programming language.  


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After the detailed discussion on Programming languages, let us talk about the trending technologies in the market. Remember, it is as important to know about the latest technologies as it is to be fluent in a particular Programming Language. You may be a Python wizard. However, if you do not know how to create a website in Python, you will have a hard luck finding a good job.

Tools and Technologies

Front End/ Back End

Front End/ Back End

Software technologies are not the programming languages but the world is moving towards an AI-driven world. We read about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain almost every day in the news. Startups in these spaces are attracting venture capitalist money. Basically, it is a technology wave. You need to be smart to surf this wave in order to progress in your career.

Let us share about some of these technologies.

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: AI and ML have been the buzzword throughout the last 2 years. This is due to the rise in the number of startups in the Fintech space that are deploying enterprise AI systems. In the ML/AI domain, Python has become the king. Almost all the startups in the ML/AI domain are using Python as the backend programming language simply because of the fact that there are excellent Machine Learning libraries in Python. Some of them are:


    • TensorFlow: This library is quite new and has been developed by Google. It has caught the eye of the entire developer community and has opened new avenues in Machine Learning. What was considered as a tough task has been made extremely simply by TensorFlow? You should definitely consider learning how to train ML algorithms using TensorFlow.
    • Scikit-learn: It’s another popular library and has been there for a while. Scikit-learn is a free software machine learning library for Python programming language. It is quite good for beginners. It contains readymade implementations of a large number of Machine Learning algorithms along with sample datasets. This makes Sklearn an excellent playground for beginners.
    • Keras: Keras is an open source library written in Python. A great library for deep learning – a domain of Machine Learning concerned with training Neural Networks. Deep learning has gained a lot of popularity in the past simply because the results of running Deep Learning algorithms are phenomenal.


There is an excellent collection of programming community recommended Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tutorials on Hackr.io.

  • Blockchain: Blockchain is another trending technology. It has been the buzzword lately due to the cryptocurrency and bitcoin hype. Many startups are coming in the Blockchain space. Not just startups, even enterprises are developing mutilation-proof, high-security systems by adopting Blockchain technology. Blockchains are built from 3 technologies i.e. Private key cryptography, P2P network, and Program. However, there is a huge demand in the market while there is a scarcity of developers who know the technology properly. Here is our What is Blockchain Programming? Blog, a step-by-step guide for beginners if you are new to Blockchain domain. If you are looking for Blockchain tutorials, here are the best Blockchain tutorials recommended by the Blockchain community itself.


  • Android Application Development: Most of people prefer to use a mobile app vs opening the website on a laptop or a personal computer. This is simply because of the fact that it is much faster to access something in a smartphone than to open your laptop/browser and then access it. Android app development has been there for a while and it will continue to be a trend in the future. For instance, Uber doesn’t have a web portal to book a cab. It is “app-only”. Here are some great tutorials on Android Application Development.


  • Backend Development: Companies today are moving to modern web frameworks like Django, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails (RoR), etc. These frameworks are fast, reliable, secure and most importantly – they save a lot of developer time since developers need not reinvent the wheel for the common functionality. Backend developers who are experienced in at least one of the above 3 web frameworks are high in demand in the market.


  • Frontend Development: Most of it requires deep knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS since it is the primary frontend language. AngularJS is the most widely used framework for Frontend development at most organizations. Frontend development is also an evergreen job that will stay for long. I’ve gone through with dozens of job openings with the matching skills for frontend development and in high demands right now.
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Python and Java

Python and Java

Python and Java are those programming languages which undoubtedly the top programming languages of the present and future as well. They are relatively new in the market and will stay so until a competing language is developed and accepted by the market. On the other side, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are going to be future technologies. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are also picking up fast. However, they are still in the nascent stage and the adoption is low.

In order to stay relevant in the market, you should keep picking up new skills and technologies as soon as they come. However, you should keep learning as your primary motivation. Good job and money will always follow.

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