How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player

As we know that Adobe Flash is a multimedia technology in browsers, but now HTML5 has become mainstream. In case your browser starts to block Flash content automatically then you will not be able to view all animations as well as graphic components on the websites.

If you need to unblock Flash content, then this article will provide complete guidance and answer all of your questions. In this article, we will give a piece of appropriate information so that you can achieve the best and optimized browser experience

The process to Unblock Flash Player in Different Browsers

1. Microsoft Edge

Let’s consider an example that Adobe flash player has blocked in the Microsoft Edge also the browser configured to use the plug-in. Edge will add an Enable Flash option on a website which uses Flash. For unblocking Adobe Flash content, then you require selecting Always allow/ Allow once option in Adobe Flash content has blocked dialogue box.Adobe Flash content has blocked

In case the browser does not show Adobe Flash content was blocked dialogue box then you apparently require to switching on Adobe Flash Player setting in Edge by following steps:

  1. First, you have to press the Settings and more button at the top right of Edge.
  2. Select Settings then go on the View advanced settings for opening the options below.
  3. At last switch on the use the setting of Adobe Flash Player

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser runs Flash through click-to-run support just these days. The browser always highlights Flash content on the web pages through the icon of the jigsaw piece.

In case you get a notification saying that the Adobe content was blocked, then you will require pressing the Allow button by clicking on the jigsaw piece. If you cannot select the Allow button for running the multimedia content, then you have to configure Chrome’s Flash settings and the process is as follows:

1. First, you have to click the “Customize Google Chrome” option for opening the browser’s menu.

Customize Google Chrome

2. Now, click on the Settings for opening the tab, as shown below.

3. Scroll down the page and then click on Advanced.

click on Advanced

4. Then, Click on Contents settings selects Flash for opening the options as shown below.

selects Flash for opening

5. You are able to unblock Adobe Flash content through switching the “Block sites by running Flash” option to “Ask first” option and it is recommended.

6. You can add websites on the Allow list so that you can enable Adobe Flash to regularly run on them. You need to click on Add, put the website URL and then press the Add button.

3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox also adjusted default Flash configuration to Ask for activating in 2017. Therefore, when you open the page Firefox will display an icon on the place of the Flash multimedia.

1. Click on that icon and select Allow button to unblock the multimedia content. In case the Adobe content is blocked in Firefox, you could enable it on all website:

Adobe content

2. First, you have to open the menu button on the top right of the Firefox window.

3. Firefox add-ons page adobe content has blocked and selected Plug-ins for opening the plug-in list, and it is shown below.

opening the plug-in list

Plugin List Part 2

4. Select drop-down menu Always Activate on Flash.Activate on Flash

5. Firefox always activate flash adobe flash player is blocked

Things to remember

  • Adobe Flash blocks when the browser automatically turns off the Adobe Flash, so you have to make sure that your browser is up to date.
  • In case you are receiving an error that says to enable Adobe Flash to inspect the respective content. You need to click on that particular dialogue box and then select the allow button.
  • Always remember that a new browser used to block the Flash content regardless of the Flash Player version you have to use HTML5 because it became the new standard.


In this article, we have discussed some key aspects for solving the issues regarding Adobe Flash. We have considered various factors of browsers that help you resolve to block Adobe Flash. As you know that technology is rapidly changing so we will keep you updated in case of any variation of the process. After unblocking the Adobe Flash, you will be able to view all animations as well as graphic components on the websites.

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