How To Fix The ‘DNS server isn’t responding’ Error?

Fixing the not Responding issue of DNS Server

This article holds the complete information regarding the not responding issues of the DNS server and shares the solutions for it. The full form of DNS is Domain Name System (DNS) is a various leveled decentralized naming framework for services, computers and other ministrations, and different assets associated with the Internet or any private network. The structure of DNS makes an interpretation of hostnames to the IP addresses.  DNS server is used for simplifying the collection of words rather than numbers. However, computers require using the IP address to get the websites.  A DNS server is the same as an interpreter between an IP address and the hostname. Besides, PCs store DNS reactions locally, so the DNS demand doesn’t occur each time you associate through a specific space name that you have recently visited. When your PC has decided the IP address related it with a space name, it will recall that for a while. This permits improved association speeds by skirting the DNS demand period.  At the point when you associate a gadget to your home system or other systems with the Internet, getting to the Internet association may fall flat with a “DNS server isn’t reacting” blunder. You can fix DNS issues by investigating your present association, incapacitating additional associations, flushing the DNS store, changing your PC’s default DNS server, and just resetting your switch.

Changing your DNS server

In case there is an issue regarding the IP DNS server then you can try to change the DNS server to the public DNS of Google. It is a free alternative Domain Name System (DNS) service provided to Internet users worldwide. The public DNS service, as well as servers, are managed and owned by Google. It works as the recursive name server offering a domain name resolution for a host on the internet. For changing the DNS server to the Google DNS server, you have to go to the internet Network Connections settings. First, you have to right-click on the start menu then select the network connection then go to setting and click on network & internet.

network & internet

In this pop-up window of Network & Internet settings, you have to select connection type at the left pane and click “Change adapter options” on the right pane.

Change adapter options

You have to right-click on the connection and select Properties option through the drop-down menu.

drop-down menu

Select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then click “Properties”.


At the window of Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties, you have to select Use the following DNS server addresses. At this option, you need to enter as the Preferred DNS server and as the Alternate DNS server.  At last click on OK for saving changes and check if it helps for fixing the issue with the “DNS server is not responding” error.

DNS server is not responding

You can disable IPv6

The full form of IPv6 is Internet Protocol version 6, and it is the latest version of an Internet Protocol (IP). It is a communications protocol that offers identification as well as location system for the computer on a network and routes traffic over the Internet. IPv6 is developed for dealing with a long-anticipated issue of IPv4 address depletion. Disabling the IPv6 feature can help with fixing the “DNS server is not responding” error. 

The simplest way for disabling IPv6 on the Windows OS is through the Network and Sharing Center. To open it, you have to go to the Control Panel and click “View network status and tasks” in the “Network and Internet”.

Network and Internet

You have to click on the connection.

click on the connection

In the connection status window, click “Properties”.


In the connections properties window, you have to find “Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)” and then unmark the checkbox for disabling it. Click “OK” for saving changes and see if it helps for fixing the “DNS server is not responding” error.

"DNS server is not responding" error

You can start the computer in Safe Mode

Safe mode is a demonstrative beginning up mode in Windows working frameworks used to acquire restricted access to Windows when the working framework doesn’t begin or capacity usually. It is something against the Normal Mode, which begins Windows in the standard way. Safe mode is accessible on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and more seasoned variants of Windows.  

This solution is one of the most widely used among the users for fixing the not responding issue through booting the computer in safe mode. Safe mode begins Windows in an essential state, utilizing a restricted arrangement of documents and drivers. It can assist with investigating issues on your computer.  If there are no issues with the system association, you presumably have outsider programming introduced in Windows that is causing the problem. External applications can also influence the DNS – practically any system-related or security application can interfere with your DNS, so locate the tricky programming and uninstall (or re-introduce) it.

You can rest the router

Essentially restarting your router or modem may assist with fixing this issue. We propose you attempt this chance first.  You can just press the on-off button to turn off your router, hold up some time, and afterward turn it on once more. If there is no catch on your router, disconnect it from the force flexibly. At the point when your router has restarted, have a go at restarting your PC also and check whether this makes a difference. 

There can be an issue in your router setup – this can likewise cause this “DNS server isn’t reacting” mistake. For fixing it, you have to reset the router to its default settings. Open your router’s arrangement site page and discover the “Reset” choice. If you can’t get to the router’s electronic arrangement page and you need to reset your router to the default factory settings, then press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds. Remember that resetting your router to its default factory settings will likewise reset your router’s password.

You can enter MAC address manually

A Media Access Control address (MAC address) of a gadget is an exceptional identifier doled out to arrange interfaces for interchanges at the information connect layer of a system portion. Macintosh addresses are utilized as a system address for most IEEE 802 system advancements, including Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Macintosh addresses are being used in the media control convention sublayer of the OSI reference model. These MAC addresses are regularly appointed by the producer of a system interface controller and put away in its equipment, for example, the card’s perused just memory or other firmware components. To fix the “DNS server isn’t reacting” blunder, you should enter the MAC address physically, and however, first, you have to discover it utilizing a raised Command Prompt and one of the commands. 

Command Prompt is the information field in a book based UI screen, a command-line translator application accessible in many Windows working frameworks. It is utilized to execute entered commands, a large portion of which are being used to computerize errands through contents and cluster documents, perform progress authoritative capacities, investigate and illuminate specific kinds of Windows issues. At the beginning of registering, Command prompt used to be the best way to connect with the PC, so a necessary arrangement of commands with inflexible linguistic structure was created to play out all framework capacities.

Command Prompt’s legitimate name is Windows Command Processor, yet it is likewise now and then called the command shell or cmd prompt or even alluded to by its filename cmd.exe. 

To utilize Command Prompt, you should enter a legitimate command alongside any optional parameters. It at that point executes the command as entered and plays out its particular Windows assignment or capacity. A few commands accessible in Windows necessitate that you run them from a raised Command Prompt for example with overseer level benefits. The command we have to utilize requires a raised Command Prompt to be opened with chairman benefits. For opening the Command Prompt type “command prompt” in the search and then right-click the “Command Prompt” result. You have to select “Run as an executive” to run it with authoritative benefits.


After selecting the “Run as administrator”, a User Account Control prompt will request if you allow the Command Prompt for making changes to your computer. Click “Yes”.

Run as administrator

Elevated Command Prompt will appear. In the window of Command Prompt, you have to type the “ipconfig /all” command and then press Enter on your keyboard. At last, you will see a complete list of information regarding the configuration.



In the window of Network and Internet settings, you need to choose association type on the left sheet and afterward click on “Change connector choices” on the correct sheet. 

Change connector choices

You have to Right-click on the connection and select “Properties” starting from the drop menu. 

starting from the drop menu

In the Properties window, select “Client for Microsoft Networks” and click on the configure.

Client for Microsoft Networks

Presently select the “Advanced” tab and afterward select “ Network Address” below “Property:” Select “Value” on the correct sheet and enter your MAC address (Physical Address), which you got when you entered the “ipconfig/all” command in Command Prompt. 

Save the Progressions

Click on OK to save the progressions and check whether this assists with fixing the “DNS server isn’t responding” mistake. There can be a greater possibility that you were utilizing Google DNS before entering the MAC address in your settings.


As we know that DNS stands for the Domain Name System (DNS) is a various leveled decentralized naming framework for services, computers and other ministrations, and different assets associated with the Internet or any private network. This framework makes an interpretation of hostnames to the IP addresses.  So In this article, we have provided complete information about the not responding issue of the DNS server. This article consists of entire details about this topic so that you can understand these topics without having issues.

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