How to Type the Cent Symbol on Your Computer

The cent symbol (¢) is used when writing about American currency for referring to a particular number of cents, usually when dealing with an amount less than $ 1. You can type a percentage sign on most maximum computers running Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS, and you can also see the symbol on the keyboard for Android and iOS smartphones. If all else fails, then you can search for a percentage symbol online and copy and paste it in your document.

How to Type the Cent Symbol on Your Computer

Cent Sign and Unicode Cent sign is a usually used symbol for the word, and it is used for the price list or advertisements for less than $ 1. For example, we can write 52 cents as 52¢ and $0.52. It is also used via other currencies, like Mexican centavos, different currencies.


It usually looks more decent to write a cost in cents through the cent symbol rather than cents-to-dollar transformation with a first zero amount of dollars. The obstacle is that a symbol is not detected on most keyboards. It means that it can’t be typed by pressing the labeled key directly on the keyboard. However, it is part of the Unicode which is an international standard for representing text on computers, smartphones, and other digital devices. Hence, most modern machines can show a percentage sign, and there are various ways to insert them digitally.

How to type Cent Sign on Microsoft Windows

For typing the cent sign, you can use the Alt code for the cents sign, indicating a numeric code which you type by holding down the Alt key on the keyboard. The Alt code for this symbol is 0162, so you have to hold down the Alt key and type 0162 for entering a cent sign. In case you don’t know the Alt code for the cent sign then you can access it by the Windows Character Map utility. For opening the program, you have to click the search box in the Start Menu or on the taskbar and type Character Map, clicking the result that pops up. Search by the list of characters through scrolling or typing cents into a search box. You can use the provided tools for copying the character in your computer’s clipboard and paste it in another program. You can also search the name of the required symbol on the search engine like Google or Bing and then copy-paste it through web results.

How to type Cent Sign in Apple macOS?

For typing the cent sign, you have to hold down the Option key on the keyboard and then press the number 4. This key also consists of the dollar sign ($) on it, which may make it simpler for remembering that it is incorporated with U.S. currency.

For inserting characters in general when you don’t know a keyboard shortcut, then you have to use the built-in Character Viewer of Apple. Pop it up via holding down the Control and Command keys and press the SpaceBar where you require entering the symbol.

Search by the menu for the symbol you want to use the search box. Click on the symbol you require to insert it in the program you are using. In case you want to reuse a symbol then reopen the Character Viewer or copy-paste it.

How to type Cent Sign in Phones?

Most of the keyboards for iOS and Android smartphones help you access a cent sign. On iOS and Android devices, you have to press and hold the $ symbol on the virtual keyboard for accessing the other currency symbols, involving the cent sign. Now, tap the cent sign or another currency symbol you require.


As we know that the cent symbol (¢) is used when writing about American currency for referring to a particular number of cents. So In this article, we have provided complete information about typing the cent symbol in various devices such as Microsoft, Apple Mac, Android, and iOS.

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